About Us

We strive to provide you with the highest standard of performance, catering for all your Adult event needs.

Adult Industry Experts

GLAMA ENTERTAINMENT means to engage and participate in a special event exactly like when you were a kid but… We provide something a little more, we like to add and spice up with drinking games, card games, poker, relaxation, enjoyment, leisure and shows girls!

Glama: derives from the reliability, professionalism and punctuality.  A commitment to provide you in an etiquette manner with an elite vision of expectation.

Entertainment: is where we engage and, participate in our client’s special event and provide them with an outcome that exceeds their expectation. FUN is the capital word!

Luxury Girls Team

We’re reliable, whether you are booking a buck’s night, corporate event or a special celebration.  We offer a stress free planning service and can tailor your special event.  Our aim is to provide 110% satisfaction.

Our stunning ladies will tempt and entertain you.  With sexy nude or topless waitressing, party games and exotic dancing and stripping.  You’ll be delighted!  It’s your night and our priority is to maintain our promises; classy behaviour, premium policies and regulating a reliable reputation.

The team of Glama Entertainment are display mutual respect and balance we have a firm understanding of customer service. OH&S and work ethic is important, therefore we are able to execute a structure that ticks all your boxes.  We’re always improving this is testament with the complimentary customer feedback given every weekend.

Get Luxury Entertainment Today

You name it, we can game it. You want it, We got it.

Your escape from reality awaits! 😉

Get luxury entertainment today

You name it, we can game it. You want it, We got it.

Sometimes you just need a little escape from reality.